Toro Bare Cub Designs1.jpg


 A new Bare Cub Design, approx 3.5 inches tall and only 3 inches when sitting. This panda is made from both dark and milk chocolate mink with matching milk chocolate suede paw pads. 

Toby the panda has a hand sculpted clay nose, white eye accents and been scissor sculpted to perfection for many hours to create those fluffy cheeks! Tobys face and belly are created with pattern inserts in milk chocolate mink against the dark Chocolate fur.

Toby comes with a miniature chocolate bar and baby honey bee

Toby is $529 US Including worldwide shipping

Toby has been Created as a Custom Order and is Resevered.

Toro Bare Cub Designs2.jpg
Toro Bare Cub Designs.jpg
Toro Bare Cub Designs1.jpg