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A new Bare Cub Design, at 4 inches tall and just over 3 inches when sitting. This cub is made from hand shaded strawberry, vanilla and chocolate mink and matching suede paw pads. Neo is part of the Macaroon Madness collection.

Neo has a hand sculpted clay nose, lightly shaded black glass eyes and has been scissor sculpted to perfection for many hours to create those signature Bare Cub Designs fluffy cheeks! 

Neo comes with either a Chocolate adorned or Cream Swirl cupcake. - Select option with PayPal button.

Neo now available for adoption for $499 US includes worldwide shipping. 

Cupcake Option

Option 1 - Neo and Chocolate cupcake, strawberry cream and adored with a chocolate shell

Shell Bare Cub Designs1.jpg
Shell Cupcake.jpg
Shell Bare Cub Designs 2.jpg

Option 2 - Neo and Chocolate, strawberry & cream swirl cupcake

Neo Bare Cub Designs1.jpg
Neo Bare Cub Designs 2.jpg