Some of you must be thinking "What is she doing?"

I have been busy sewing, just a bit slack on sharing photos here. So here are a few of the 2018 cubs 

First how about the last bear for 2017  - Egg Nog with Tiny Ted


Egg Nog and Tiny Ted Bare Cub Designs.jpg

Then there was Mint Pattie

Peppermint Bare Cub Designs1.jpg

A valentine cub Honey, Bee Mine?

Be Mine Bare Cub Designs 2.jpg

then along came Charlie, and another little clay panda ted handmade by Manda Theart

Just Amazing look at the details!

Charlie 2 Bare Cub Designs.jpg

and lastly Mysty the Panda, with his very very tiny fortune cookies

Panda 1 Bare Cub Designs.jpg

Making - Bear Making Kits

A weekend of making... Bear Making - Complete Kits

While some of these kits will be on their way to Melbourne. You can order your own Complete Kit from the website.

Each kit has the pattern, eyes, joints, clay for nose, thread, sinew, suede and the mink, pre traced, lined and ready to cut!

Available kits

And of "course" you can always create your mink bear  while you watch me create mine.

Watch the Mink Masterclass videos Your own online video workshop with me  but in the comfort of your own home. Watch even ever it suits you - get your life time access now!

Bear Making Online Workshop

Bear Making Courses

Now available online


Great news, at long last the Bare Cub Designs  - Online Bear Making courses are now live

First there was the Step-By-Step photo guides and Pattern Collection. 12 Patterns and 12 Guides covering all the techniques to make bears. Sculpting eye, Slit jointing, working in miniature, antique style bears,  right through to advanced techniques like open mouths, double jointed necks, and appliquéd paw pads, and so much more..

Check out the Guides at there new home!

And Now...

The Mink Masterclass

An online workshop with me! The videos are broken down into bite sized chucks so you can watch, re-watch and soak up all the steps as you watch me make a mink bear.

I use all the same techniques when working in Alpaca, Mohair or faux fur.  Also included are 3 patterns to download and make yourself. Malt Cadbury and Panda.

Want it all?  Bundle and Save with the Ultimate Bear Making Bundle.

Or want to test the tech of how this all works? Start right from the beginning... Get your FREE Bear Making Mastery 3 Day mini course!

See you in school!