Teddy Bear Times looking beautiful as ever

Having won 2 Toby awards for 
Frappe and Po the Panda, 
I thought things could not get better.
I was wrong.

Teddy Bear Times have covered the awards
in their current issue.
While creating the article I was contacted to 
include Frappe and Po the Panda.
I emailed a few photos of Frappe with the coke can
(shown in earlier posts) 
and he must have stolen a few hearts

Heading off to work early one morning 
I checked my email down near the front gate
To my surprise there was an email 
asking if I could photograph Frappe
"but on a white background - by tomorrow" 
I turned my car around without hesitation
and started heading back up to the house.
I know what a white background means, 
I read on, "we might place him on the cover" 

I had been feeling a little low- tired I guess,
Well my mood changed in an instant!
All of a sudden being late for work just didn't matter.
I grabbed Frappe and headed for mums
My mum lives nearer the city and it was still dark -6 am
I called Mum and Dad when I was close,
just over an hour later.
"I need white card and a bright spot in the garden"
I took some photos, sent them off and headed for work.
...In a slightly better mood.

While I can say that Frappe was already special
being a personal challenge, then winning a Toby
He has made me so proud making the cover!
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