2013 WA Craft Show

Attending the 2013 WA Craft Show last weekend
has kept me busy, and I had a great time
catching up with other artist and collectors

Here are the stands, my sister Leanne
 of Saw Dust Art made me
They are handmade and airbrushed
I just love them
Qucikly somes together

Custom sign to match my blog header!

I just love these pretty stands

Best of all they pack flat!

We had a special visitor at the show...
needing to be fed - so beautiful
Baby kangaroo

It was a great show and I managed to sell quite a few bears
Here are jsut some of the bears on display...
Berri - adopted

Butterscotch - adopted

Oero - adopted

Poppet - adopted

Sunshine and moonbeam
Sweet cubs on the pretty stands

To adopt one of the bears not already adopted
please email me to arrange
Hugs Helen