Welcome to my Art Studio

Welcome to my creative space
"Where Bloggers Create"
My name is Helen Gleeson
Artist behind Bare Cub Designs.

I hope you enjoy your stay.
Here are a few photos of my studio 
created from a sea container

A little change form Last years blog party
where all the cupboards were in the storeroom..
More on that later

Here is my work table and hutch
Plenty of space to cut coats on

A few awards and my book
Bear Basics and Beyond

 Fur - of course

Stuffing and fabrics, paw pad suede etc

 One of my shelves with my 
"Sweet Treat" theme

Magazines... Love them

Beautiful bowls for displaying my bears

Shelves, this time with antique pieces

Books by Author AA Milne

Trays of... online shopping buys.
Little bells and trinkets

Ribbons wound on pegs - great way to store ribbons
so you can see what you have on hand.

Cubby holes with options and ideas for bears

More cute cups

 Bear accessories?

has found a home now but around for the photo-shot!

Trays of trinkets

Perfect to adore pandas

After looking at all these pieces 
I feel inspired to make a bear!!

Not clean, as you can see
take a peak inside the storage room... 
Lucky I can just close the door!

Hope you enjoyed your visit.
If you want more photos....

Thanks for stopping by