Meet the Cubs!

Bare Cub Designs, many created & inspired by a little "sweet tooth" and paired with a little treat.

While I just love the natural tones of the vintage mink fur like Creams & Chocolate, some furs are hand-shaded, maybe Strawberry or Mint.

My signature style is fluffy cheeks which are scissor sculpted taking many hours to create. I love every minute and my cubs find homes all over the world!

Available Cub..

Toby Bare Cub Designs1.jpg


A new Bare Cub Design, approx 3.5 inches tall and only 3 inches when sitting. This panda is made from both dark and milk chocolate mink with matching milk chocolate suede paw pads. 

Toby the panda has a hand sculpted clay nose, white eye accents and been scissor sculpted to perfection for many hours to create those fluffy cheeks! Tobys face and belly are created with pattern inserts in milk chocolate mink against the dark Chocolate fur.

Toby comes with a miniature chocolate bar and baby honey bee

Toby has found a home!

~ New cubs available soon. 

Toby Bare Cub Designs1.jpg
Toby Bare Cub Designs.jpg
Toby Bare Cub Designs2.jpg

bombshell bears for sassy collectors!

Making these bears, sends me into a trance, I can scissor sculpt those cheeks for hours. Now I will confess, I have a real sweet tooth and clearly inspires my collections. While I love the natural chocolate, caramels and creams, sometimes there is a need for a strawberry or spearmint fur, so I hand-shade the fur from time-to-time.

If one of the cubs pulls at your heart strings, drop me an email -I'd love to hear who you love.

 These cubs have found homes all over the world with my beautiful collectors. They are sold right here on this site and quickly adopted. If you would like to be first to know when a new Bare Cub Design is available for adoption, be sure to click the button below and I'll email you each time I complete a new cub!

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