Meet Helen Gleeson

Hi,, my name is Helen Gleeson, Bear Artist, teacher, Author and now Magazine Editor!

I live in the Chittering Valley in Western Australia with my wonderful husband Ray and our puppy "Boof" 

I have been making bears since 2003, and enjoyed every minute.  Bare Cub Designs,  is a collection of cubs created from recycled mink each with their signature style, and extensively scissor sculpted fluffy cheeks.

Bare Cub Designs, has been on the cover of Teddy Bear Times (UK) Teddy Bear Review (US) Kuscheltier News (Germany) Bear & Buds (US online), Australian Bear Creations, New Zealand Teds and Bear Beautiful. My work has been featured in the above and Dolls and Bears.

My bears have been nominated and won many awards, ribbons and medals from local bear shows, Sydney Teddy Bear Fair people choice awards, and the wonderful and prestigious Toby and Golden Teddy.

I have gained much experience from a full time career as an Account Executive and Solution Specialist in the very competitive corporate world. After a long day at the office and a long commute (100km) I enjoy coming home to my husband and bears in the Australian bush. I fill the few hours of my day when I am not a work designing bears and sharing them with my friends on my blog.

Offering patterns, kits, holding workshops, creating custom cubs, selling them on my website, Etsy and in selected stores, I am often asked for help from followers of my work and blog and website about making their own bears. To assist everyone no matter where they live, I have created a bear making guide The guides are a collection of 12 patterns offered electronically to cut down on cost and postage, being able to include up to 150 step by step photos in the bumper mink issue showing every step to making your own beautiful mink cub just like mine! This then lead to a video workshop being created and available online. The Ultimate Masterclass

I have written and published a beautiful book "Bear Basics and Beyond" full of inspiration and advise to be used as a guide for every bear maker, bear artist and collector.

I have created a new magazine "Bear Beautiful A sophisticated magazine for bear artists, makers and collectors who are passionate about quality showcasing only the very best our industry has to offer.

If you love the collection, be sure to sign up to be notified of new cubs and meet each as they are created. Thank you for following my work and being Bare Cub Design Collectors!